On this website we use cookies to anonymously identify the device you're using in order to improve your experience of the site.

A cookie is a small text file that is saved in your web browser. It allows our system to remember your device when you visit our website. No personal identifiable data is stored in cookies, only an anonymous id number.

If you for some reason would like to prevent this website (or any other website) from setting cookies in your browser, you can do this in your browser settings. You can also install a plugin in your browser that blocks all cookies from Google Analytics. The plugin is available for most modern browsers.

Here's why and how we use cookies on

Improving the website

We're constantly working to improve In order to do this, we use Google Analytics to analyze our visitors' behavior on an anonymous and aggregate level.

Anonymous data

The information about your use of this website is transmitted to Google anonymously. We will not seek to link your IP address with any personal identifiable information about you. In fact, the last digits in your IP address will be truncated before it's sent to Google.

Aggregate reports

The behavioral data collected is processed to compile statistical reports on website activity. The intent is not to look at the behavior of an individual user. Instead, aggregate statistics are reported, like "How many users have used the top navigation during the last week?"

Reports like this are then used to help us take decisions about website improvements.

Analytics Cookies

The analytics cookie is a first-party cookie, which means that it's set by

NameContentLife span
_ga Anonymous id number, i.e. "1.2.838838867.1359565579161" 2 years

Optimizing your visit

To optimize your experience on, we use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

Optimization cookies

The optimization cookies are first-party cookies, which means that they are set by They make sure that you get content from the same server during your visit, and speed up the navigation.
When you quit your browser, these cookies are deleted.

NameContentLife span
ASP.NET_SessionId Anonymous string, i.e. "ipewm5snyzuhwwmyzekeij" Until the browser is closed
BIGipServerSandvik_ Wildcard_Pool Anonymous string, i.e. "1731265290.0.0000" Until the browser is closed

Sharing or viewing social media content

On our website, we have embedded content from social media channels like YouTube. This may result in cookies outside our control being set by these websites, so-called third-party cookies.

Embedded content from the following third-party services may set cookies in your browser. Follow the links below to read more about how these services use cookies.