In the factory

Safety is the primary consideration. Visitors are to consider and improve safety to help us achieve our aim of zero accidents.


Safety is the driving force behind the development of all our products. Our aim is to set the safety standard by making products that are safe to operate and maintain. Rammer operator and service training packages reinforce that message to ensure the safety of your entire workforce.


Rammer products also improve the safety of the working site and its processes. For example, when breaking oversize material, it reduces loading and hauling and prevents blockages and bridging during the crushing process.

Safety – Your Advantage

Injuries can impact upon an entire workforce and resulting in lost working days and a loss of production. A safe site is a productive site.


Rammer products are manufactured utilizing state-of-the-art, ISO standards technology that consumes the minimum electricity, and recycles cutting fluids and metal chips. Furthermore, when Rammer breakers reach the end of their useful working life, more than 90 percent of the metallic components can be recycled.

Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy, Breakers Lahti hold the following certificates

ISO 9001

(Certificate for Quality Management System - ISO 9001:2008)

Certificate is valid until 15-09-2018

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ISO 14001

(Certificate for Environmental Management System - ISO 14001:2004)

Certificate is valid until 15-09-2018

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OHSAS 18001

(Certificate for Ocupational Health & Safety Management System - OHSAS 18001:2007)

Certificate is valid until 30-09-2019