AR Demolition Test Rammer Power & Precision

One of the UK’s fastest-growing demolition companies has put its faith in the power, productivity, performance and precision of Rammer hammers.

A pair of Rammer hammers are spearheading two demolition contracts currently being undertaken by leading UK contractor, AR Demolition.   But while both breakers – a Rammer 5011 and a Rammer 3288 – are both performing breaking duties, the factors in their selection are markedly different. 

Bus Stops & Bungalows 

In the space of just 20 years, AR Demolition has grown from a sole trader operation to an award-winning demolition company with an annual turnover of around £15 million and an unrivalled reputation for the training of its personnel.   Although AR Demolition prides itself on a no-job-too-small philosophy, it has tackled everything from bus stops and bungalows to major industrial sites, factories, fire-damaged structures and disused quarry plant.


More recently, the company has also established itself as a recognised expert in the partial or full demolition of former newspaper print works where heavily-reinforced, vibration-resistant concrete floors represent a major demolition challenge.

Sheer Fire Power

One such contract is the demolition of the former Northampton Chronicle newspaper works close to AR Demolition’s home in Warwickshire in the centre of England.   The works formerly featured huge and heavy printing presses stood on heavily-reinforced concrete machine pads and foundations that are up to six metres thick in places and which AR Demolition founder and managing director Richard Dolman describes as “potentially a demolition man’s worst nightmare”.   “The only solution on a contract like this is sheer fire power, tackling heavy duty concrete with equally heavy duty breaking power,” asserts Dolman.   “We are clearing the site in advance of the construction of a new store for a major supermarket chain and we cannot afford delays.   So we chose a breaker that was as reliable as it is powerful.”

AR Demolition’s tool of choice is the Rammer 5011.   Mounted on a full demolition specification Volvo EC460 CL hydraulic excavator, the 4750 kg breaker utilises maximum power with an operator-selected slow impact rate to provide optimum breaking and concrete shattering power.   “The Rammer 5011 is a great tool,” Dolman insists.   “Used and looked after properly, Rammer hammers are a real thoroughbred.   They are a world leader for a reason.” 

Power & Precision

While the Northampton Chronicle works required “fire power”, a simultaneous partial demolition contract at the nearby Bridgnorth Aluminium processing factory required more of a delicate touch.

“Our work at Bridgnorth requires far more precision,” Dolman explains.   “We are removing floors and foundations from within a building that is to be retained to facilitate a ground-up internal rebuild.   All of this work takes place in a factory, parts of which are to remain live throughout the demolition process.   So while the foundations are equally challenging here, our primary concern was precision and the control of noise and vibration.”

To meet these specific criterion, AR Demolition selected a Rammer 3288.   Mounted on a Hitachi Zaxis 225 excavator piloted by two-time demolition operator of the year contender David “Simmo” Simmons, the 2400 kg hammer has proved equal to the challenging task, punching through the concrete with relative ease.   “The Rammer 3288 allows us to penetrate the ground precisely where we need to without causing damage to anything around us,” Dolman continues.   “And once the ground is penetrated, the 3288 allows us to hit it with maximum force.”

Quality Service

In many ways, AR Demolition’s purchase of the two Rammer hammers sums up the company’s approach to business and staff retention.  

“At AR Demolition, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a quality service.   And we believe that starts from the bottom up, providing our operators with the highest possible levels of training and equipping them with the very best equipment available,” Richard Dolman concludes.   “Our operators love the Rammer hammers and are genuinely excited when they get an opportunity to use them.   They are now an integral part of our equipment fleet.   Having experienced them for themselves, I really don’t think I could convince our operators to switch to another hammer now.”