Demolition of the road bridge faster than planned

In connection with the current remediation of contaminated sites south of the factory grounds of Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, the old road bridge near the junction L428/Binger Straße in Ingelheim had to be demolished. The road was closed off completely during the demolition work, and all traffic had to be diverted through the inner city.

The commissioned demolition company, M. Korz Baggerbetrieb GmbH, carried out the work much faster than originally planned. Work was scheduled to begin on 9 June at around 18.00 hrs, and to continue in 24-hour operation until Thursday morning, 15 June. The team from the Korz Company was highly motivated and worked extremely efficiently with the machines deployed so that the work was already completed by Sunday morning at 2.00 hrs. On Monday morning the cycle path could again be opened for the employees of the Boehringer Company.

The removal of the road bridge, which was built in 1970, proved difficult as it was not possible to drive on either side in the wildlife sanctuary, and behind the bridge the remediation area was also closed. There was no possibility for interim storage of the material.

Two Liebherr hydraulic excavators R946 with a RAMMER hydraulic hammer 4099 from the large range and a RAMMER cutter-crusher RCC43R were used. The investment in the RAMMER cutter-crusher RCC43R really paid off for the demolition experts. The concrete cutter-crusher is designed to handle heavy reinforced concrete structures. The 1.2-metre thick and heavily reinforced concrete walls were carried off safely, quickly and precisely by the active rotation of the concrete cutter-crusher. The two breaker arms align themselves freely and independently of each other in relation to the material. This results in a direct application of force with a reduction of the recoil forces. The crusher has a breaking force of 1,196 kN and a cutting force of 5,460 kN.

Two Liebherr hydraulic excavators R936 with a further RAMMER hydraulic hammer 4099 and the heavy-duty RAMMER pulverizer RPV39R were used which thanks to their rotary motion were able to crush the material directly in the confined space. In a somewhat smaller version, the Hitachi 350 with a RAMMER hydraulic hammer 3288 and a Liebherr A920 with the pulverizer RPV22R went to work. The hero was clearly the RAMMER cutter-crusher RCC43R. 2,000 tonnes of concrete and 100 tonnes of steel were nibbled off, and 1,000 m3 of material was transported away to an especially provided recycling facility by a fleet of 10 4-axle tippers and articulated tipper trucks.

The work proceeded so briskly that it was finished well before the scheduled completion time.

Two tower lamps provided light during the night-time hours as work continued at full steam around the clock. A special tube crimper truck was on site so that any down times due to ripped hydraulic tubes could be kept to a minimum. Thanks to the excellent site organization by the Korz company, who also attended to all the catering needs of the workers during the shift operation, as well as the ever-ready construction site supervision by Jens Schwark from the RAMMER company, it was possible to complete this difficult task in record time.