Demolition of the Robotron Building in Leipzig

The former Robotron building of EVB Robotron Anlagebau in Leipzig was located between the Intercity Hotel and the Westin Hotel in the Gerberstrasse. In 1989 the EVB conglomerate Robotron, which included 21 business operations, was the DDR's largest electronics and IT producer with a workforce of more than 67,000 people. EVB Robotron-Anlagenbau Leipzig was responsible for the deliveries and installation of IT systems and process computing systems. This was also the location of the training centre at which 170,000 participants from 18 countries were trained in 250 different courses up until 1980.

Sächsische Aufbaubank (SAB) commissioned Caruso Umweltservice GmbH with the demolition of the around 20 m high building with a cubage of 86,780 m3 on an area of 5,420 m2. 

In the first stage from January to August 2013 the overground parts of the building were removed down to the bottom edge of the basement ceiling with 85,000 cubic meter enclosed space and filled with uncontaminated demolition material to avoid the presence of a hole on site. A longfront excavator CAT 365 with a 33 m jib with a universal shears and a demolition and sorting gripper, was well as a Demlone 70 with a 29 m jib with a universal shears and demolition and sorting gripper were used for the job. Caruso Umweltservice GmbH provided support with the archaeological investigations in 2015 and 2016. Earthworks were also carried out by the Caruso excavators.

In mid-August 2017, Caruso Umweltservice GmbH began with demolition of the basement level, a reinforced concrete construction in a monolithic concrete trough, to protect it against groundwater damage. A time window of 8 weeks was available for this work. A CAT 330 and a CAT 349 with a RAMMER hydraulic hammer 4099 of the large series was used to demolish the 1.5 m thick floor slab. Thanks to its vibration protection and sound protection with a noise level of only 128 dB(A), it was possible to use the hydraulic hammer at full power and without any disturbance in the city centre. The net weight is 3,750 kg. Maximum power is available at all times with the FBE system providing evenly distributed impact energy. Idle stroke protection can be preselected. 

The material was hauled off and fed to the recycling process / reusable material cycle or, where necessary, disposed of according to regulations.

Sächsische Aufbaubank (SAB) – which provides subsidies in the form of grants, loans and sureties to the industrial sector, technology sector as well as to residential and municipal building – is planning to build its new headquarters on the 10,000 m2 site. The contract was awarded to the renowned London-based architectural office ACME in an international architectural competition with 20 participating architectural offices in 2013.

Office space for 600 employees, a conference room and a cafeteria will be provided in the around 20,000 m2, six-storey building. Canopied columns will create the transition between the interior and the exterior, provide shade and lead visitors toward the new public paths. According to the current planning, the new building is to be ready for occupancy in mid-2019.