For Those about to Rock

An Australian quarry operator has demonstrated its faith in the Rammer brand with the purchase of another new Rammer 4099 for a hard rock quarry application.

WA Limestone is a family-owned company that has been operating for over 40 years. With a strong emphasis on customer service and satisfaction, WA Limestone is now one of the largest suppliers of granite armour stone, magnetite, quarry & construction aggregates, road construction materials, and marine infrastructure in Western Australia.
As part of an ongoing growth, the company has expanded its fleet of Rammer hammers with the purchase of a new Rammer 4099 through local dealer Total Rockbreaking Solutions.
The purchase of the 2,800 kg hammer is the latest step in a relationship that stretches back to 2000 when the company bought its first Rammer hammer: a 3,800 kg G100 model.
Steve Della Bona, director of WA Limestone, bought the first Rammer G100 hammer for use in a hard rock quarry in Byford that supplies all types of granite products. After 11 years of reliable service in this demanding application, the Rammer G100 was replaced by a Rammer 4099 breaker in 2011.
In the past few years, WA Limestone has expanded its operations with two hard rock quarries being established in Western Australia.   Due to the increased demand for specialised rock, another Rammer 4099 was acquired for the Karratha quarry in December 2013.
“I chose Rammer for their reliability, durability and proven record in Byford quarry. Other brands were considered but, due to the remote operation, the Rammer sealed accumulator system is far more reliable than the piston accumulator that is offered by competing breakers that need more frequent maintenance due to charging of the gas system,” concludes Della Bona.   “For over 10 years, Rammer hammers have been one of our most trusted attachment tools, delivering excellent reliability in harsh conditions.”