Indian infrastructure project gets the Rammer effect

Vedansh Infra Pvt Ltd is a well-known contractor in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Working predominantly on excavation and loading contracts in the minerals extraction industries, the company has recently diversified to become involved in a series of public works contracts. One of the latest has seen the company take advantage of the unique benefits of a Rammer 1655 breaker supplied by Rammer distributor, Larsen & Toubro Ltd.

The head office of Vedansh Infra Services Pvt Ltd is located in the city of Chittorgarh on the banks of rivers Gambhiri and Berach in the state of Rajasthan, India. The city is now seen as a center for tourists, with its historical fort, rich heritage and diverse culture, becoming especially known as a center for arts and crafts. As well as its cultural contributions to Indian society, the city and locale are also known as a source of construction materials.  Surrounding the city are a number of limestone and marble quarries, as well as other mineral deposits and natural resources. These are in high demand by construction companies involved in the infrastructure development of India.

Vedansh Infra Services has been full involved in a number of contracts involving these highly valuable natural resources, primarily in excavation and loading work. To this end the company has placed great store on selecting reliable, productive and durable equipment, selecting on the basis of having to work to tight deadlines, where there is little room for breakdowns or equipment malfunctions. This business ethos of choosing the best has seen the company has working on behalf of major concerns in the area, including the Hindustan Zinc Ltd, L&T Solar Projects and on the Zawar Dam development.

Diversification requires new approach

Although its reputation has been made in projects involving minerals and excavating naturally occurring resources, Vedansh Infra Services has recently become involved in a number of municipal works projects. This has required a slightly different approach, but still draws heavily on the company’s expertise and experience in material processing. One such project is a 540 million rupee three year infrastructure development scheme in the city of Pali. This will see pipes being laid for a new water supply, and the laying of a new waste water pipe as well as replacing all the existing pipework.  Vedansh Infra Services involvement will see the company digging the trenches for the laying of the new pipelines.

What has complicated the matter is that the city of Pali is located in a very rocky area, as well as having to process a great deal of existing concrete, asphalt and other existing materials. These will all need to be broken up prior to excavation works and the digging of the new pipelines.  Due to these hard wearing conditions, and the fact that working in an urban environment requires low noise and low emissions as well as high productivity, the company came to the conclusion that it required an enhanced modern breaking solution.

Close working relationship

Over many years Vedansh Infra Services has forged a close working relationship with well-known and respected construction equipment dealer, Larsen & Toubro Ltd. This relationship goes back over three years when Vedansh Infra Services won its first mining and quarrying contract. Since then the company has been impressed by the personal attention received as well as the excellent after sales support the dealer supplies.

The value of the relationship came to the fore when Vedansh Infra Services drew upon the advice of Larsen & Toubro Ltd in selecting a new hydraulic breaker and excavator. The Pali City contract required the use of efficient, reliable and silent breaking operation with low emissions as the equipment would be operating within the city itself. Hence in order to ensure that the most suitable equipment was used the advice of the dealer was sought. After expertly assessing the operating parameters and requirements of the project, the dealer recommended a Rammer hydraulic breaker and a Komatsu excavator.

Ideal solution for the job

The Rammer 1655 breaker fitted to the Komatsu PC130 excavator has since June been hard at work within Pali breaking concrete, asphalt and hard rock prior to removing the existing pipework. At the same time the highly productive combination of breaker and excavator is being used to break the ground in order to lay the new pipes. The varied nature of the project can be seen from the fact that each day the Rammer breaker is used for up to eight hours working on a different material, one day to the next.

What has particularly impressed Vedansh Infra Services has been the Rammer 1655 breaker’s highly effective sound suppression system. This has provided ‘low-noise’ working within the city due to the special design of the breaker’s tool retaining pins and housing. Additionally the high performance and productivity of the hydraulic breaking breaker has also impressed. This, to the great delight of the company, has been far greater than the company has experienced with the non-Rammer breakers it had used previously.  The Komatsu PC130 excavator has also proved to be the ideal partner for the Rammer 1655, both of which were supplied and are supported by Larsen & Toubro.

The customer is always right

Although Rammer is a globally renowned as the leading manufacturer of hydraulic breakers and associated tools, this was Vedansh Infra Services first experience of using Rammer breakers. In order to ascertain the suitability of Rammer for the Pali City project the feedback and thoughts of many existing Rammer customers was sort throughout southern India. The highly positive feedback, as well the close relationship with Rammer’s dealer in India Larsen & Toubro, led directly to the company choosing Rammer.

The direct experience of using the Rammer breaker has proved to Vedansh Infra Services that Rammer’s existing customers were right about the benefits to be derived. In fact the company found to its great joy that the Rammer breaker was more productive than two of its existing breakers!  This, and the other factors outlined, has led the company to plan to acquire two more Rammer breakers for work on similar projects in 2018.