Rammer ‘Service Excellence’ boosts customer focus

Our business is all about our customers; from the purchase of the first hammer, to supporting them in the field to help to get the very best out of their equipment. In these activities, our first point of contact with our customers is invariably our dealers and our distributors. It is their expertise, knowledge and customer service skills that help make the Rammer brand the market leader it is today.

Rammer is all about our customers, and to help our customers we know we must help our dealers. To improve our dealers’ service skills and levels of professionalism, we have developed a program focused on assessing and accrediting dealer service skills and excellence: Service Excellence. This program is not in any way compulsory, but we think it will assist our dealers’ focus their organization and the service they offer to help customers.

An evaluation is undertaken through a specifically developed list of subjects which assesses levels of organizational processes, customer focus and professionalism of the individual dealer. Following this evaluation, and on being awarded Service Excellence status, the dealer will be awarded with a Rammer diploma and an extended 3 years’ warranty on medium and large range Rammer hammers.

The Service Excellence program was introduced at our last dealer seminar, in Dubai. The first diplomas were awarded to Rammer dealers e.g. in South Africa, Italy and Sweden.

Service Excellence

We trust the Rammer product, and we want to guarantee that what we consider to be the best product has the best support.  Therefore, we have developed the Service Excellence program. Through this we will be able to evaluate our dealers’ ability to:

  • Deliver a quick and professional service
  • Check on availability for customer call-outs
  • Measure the stocking levels and availability of original spare parts
  • Assess the ability to improve customer operation and deliver field service

There are other additional benefits as vitally, the focus on safety is assessed throughout all facets of the Rammer operation. It is a two-way process, as the program will help evaluate the information flow between customer-dealer-factory as well as enable dealers improve their own systems and service delivery with Rammer assistance. The Rammer Service Excellence certification process is undertaken through an assessment during a field visit by a Rammer product specialist

Case study: dealer accreditation ‘Service Excellence’ New Zealand and Australia

Starting at the end of March, a visit was arranged to see our dealers in Australia and New Zealand. The main purpose for the visit was to meet the regional Rammer hammer dealers, gaining feedback on current operations and introduce them to the new Rammer Service Excellence program.

While discussing the details around the new program with each dealer and gaining their feedback about our products, we conducted a walk-through inspection and evaluation checklist. The evaluation is based on a range of factors: this concerns safety aspects of the service work conducted, cleanliness and service knowledge of the products to name but a few.

What was instantly noticeable was that the Rammer dealers in Australia and New Zealand possess high levels of experience and product knowledge. This was very impressive as was the high level of professionalism. Following the Rammer assessment, the dealers easily passed the evaluation, achieving ‘Service Excellence’ accreditation.

The discussions and the evaluation also helped identify areas to be improved by both parties, with the visit enabling these topics to be discussed thereby providing solutions to the satisfaction of everyone. Highlighting the openness of the visits, the dealers were eager to provide information requested as well as show their operations. This particularly is very important, as they could show how they have provided solutions based on local ideas and practices making their hammer business easier to handle and produce a positive result for their customers.

Overall the tour proved to be better than expected.  What stood out was that the dealers were so well organized with extensive service files and hammer histories. The visit did highlight that the most important thing between the factory and the dealers, is information sharing. This was something that needs to be highlighted to all the Rammer dealers.

Even a minor issue the dealer has or sees on the frontline is worth to communicating with factory immediately. This is the best way to assist Rammer to develop a way to improve the product for our customers.

All in all, the visit was a very positive and happy experience. It shows that the ‘Service Excellence’ program is focused on helping our dealers help their customers.  

Many thanks to our dealers for their hospitality and for taking the time to show how their professionalism and expertise helps us to enhance customer performance.