You can't beat the quality

Based in Melbourne and operating mainly in Western and Northern Suburbs, P & M Doherty Pty Ltd specializes in drainage work such as storm water pipe installations in urban development areas.

Based in Melbourne and operating mainly in Western and Northern Suburbs, P & M Doherty Pty Ltd specialises in drainage work such as storm water pipe installations in urban development areas. Main customers are developers but P & M Doherty also works together with other earthmoving companies when they need extra equipment for Infrastructure, Road and Rail works.

Paul Doherty, owner of P & M Doherty has been in the industry for over 30 years and armed with knowledge and determination he established P & M Doherty Pty Ltd in 1988. 

Since the commencement of operations, P & M Doherty has developed a reputation of delivering reliable and quality workmanship to its customers. The success of the P & M Doherty company is direct result of hard work of Paul and his 20 full time staff members who share his passion for quality workmanship and getting work done on time. With the current machinery fleet of 10 excavators with digging buckets and 7 Rammer rockbreakers Paul emphasises that a huge contributor to the success of the company is having reliable and productive equipment.  “With plenty of hard ground, up to 200 MPa, in the area you need to have quality machinery and attachments. Interestingly, it is the rockbreaker that has a critical role to play on site as the biggest challenge is to get the rock out of the ground swiftly, rest is just digging and putting the pipe into the ground,” Paul explains.

Unbeatable longevity

“We are working in a highly competitive industry, you cannot afford downtime or issues with your machinery. Having reliable rockbreakers take the pressure off as you can count on they will do what we expect them to do and I can deliver the job on time with a fair price to my customers,” he said. “I purchased my first Rammer rockbreaker, E68 in 1994 and haven’t looked back since. Rammer rockbreakers last, they work well, hit hard and are extremely reliable” Paul added.

Interest in mechanisms and linkages is entrenched in Paul’s mind. “I want to know how things work,” he says. “I even visited Rammer factory in Finland a few years ago and got to see close-by how they manufacture Rammer and technology and R&D that goes into the product”. “I understand there are significant differences between the rockbreaker brands. All rockbreakers will work well to start with but it takes a premium product with unbeatable longevity to hit hard rocks 10 hours a day, 6 days a week and to keep going without missing a beat year after year”.

“I have three of my biggest Rammer rockbreakers working all day, every day and I often think that they are the most abused equipment in my fleet but give me the least trouble,” Paul laughs. “It is important to our business that rockbreaker is reliable and it keeps hitting hard with minimal downtime. That is why I have Rammer.”

It is not only Paul who praises on Rammer strength. He has built a strong network of contacts within the industry to share experience and knowledge. Sometimes Paul rents or hires his Rammer to his fellow contractors if they are short of resources. “When I get my Rammer back I get comments that Rammer had worked better than their own breaker,” Paul said.

 “Another reason I stick to the Rammer is the ongoing support from the local Rammer dealer, Walkers Hammers. Mike has been great and very helpful. When I needed the first big rockbreaker he arranged a 12 months rental agreement to help with finance and give me an opportunity to try before I buy.” 

“All Walkers Hammers’ rockbreaker service and repair works are very thorough and if there is an issue they sort it out without delay. For example, 4 months ago I purchased the second largest Rammer, 5011 and during the commissioning Carlo, their field service technician identified that one of the settings was not quite right. He came back 3 days in a row trying to identify the issue. He just did not give up and finally found the problem, adjusted the settings and 5011 has worked at its peak since. There are not many companies that can pride themselves on providing this level of aftercare service,” Paul concluded.