Customer Testimonials

Segerstorps Entrepenad, Sweden

Partnerships are in the core of Rammer, and we are always happy to hear positive thoughts and feedback from the field. A while back, we got to discuss with our long-term dealer in Sweden, GöteborgsHammarservice, and their customer Segerstorps Entrepenad Aabout their history and relationship with Rammer and why they chose us.  


Segerstorps Entrepenad AB is from the Borås area, operating in VästraGötalandCounty with Gothenburg as the central location. They direct their operations toward the rock material industry, and above all mining operations, sorting and recycling. The company handles everything from uncovering, feeding crushersinventory management, and servicing rock blasting teams to unloading 


Segerstorps invested in their first Rammer hammer back in 2011 and ever since they have hadRammer. Currently, they have two Rammer 3288 hammers, which they praise to be very reliable but also efficient for their size. In fact, Segerstorps lists these two attributes as well as profitability as the main reasons for choosing a Rammer product. They are proud of having a Rammer hammer as it powerfully symbolizes what they do and is a part of their success in the business. 


In addition to the quality of Rammer products, Segerstorps appreciates the outstanding service and competent support from their local Rammer dealer, GöteborgsHammarservice. This is of course great to hear as our Rammer network is something we are also very proud of and have built on since the beginning 


Now, as a visible sign of the successful relationship they have with Rammer, Segerstorps got a housing for an old S54 model and placed it at their entrance. They painted it and put decals on it so everyone can see it is a Rammer wanting to show that they are happy with the brand. Nice touch! 


For those considering purchasing a Rammer hammer, Segerstorps had the following message: “Buy a Rammer and you get a long relationship”. And we couldn’t agree more relationships are the key!