Minimum working weight, flange mounted  *1540 kg1110 lb
Weight415 kg910 lb
Working length1669 mm65.7 in
Impact rate (frequency)500 - 1700 bpm
Operating pressure100 - 140 bar1450 - 2030 psi
Oil flow range50 - 150 l/min13.2 - 39.6 gal/min
Pressure relief setting  *2150 - 190 bar2175 - 2755 psi
Pressure relief max220 bar3190 psi
Pressure in LP-circuit36 - 38 bar520 - 550 psi
Back pressure max20 bar290 psi
Input power35 kW47 hp
Tool diameter90 mm3.54 in
Pressure line connection (IN)BSPP-internal 1"
Return line connection (OUT)BSPP-internal 1"
Pressure line size, min. inner diameter26 mm1.02 in
Return line size, min. inner diameter26 mm1.02 in
Optimum oil temperature40 - 60 °C104 - 140 °F
Allowed oil temperature range-20 - 80 °C-4 - 176 °F
Optimum oil viscosity at operating temperature30 - 60 cSt
Allowed viscosity range20 - 1000 cSt
Skid steer, robot weight, optimum4.4 - 7.1 t9700 - 15700 lb
Skid steer, robot weight, range  *33.9 - 8.7 t8600 - 19200 lb
Miniexcavator, tractor backhoe weight, Optium6.6 - 10.6 t14600 - 23400 lb
Miniexcavator, tractor backhoe weight, Range  *35.8 - 13.0 t12800 - 28700 lb
Noise level, measured (2000/14/EC)123 dB(A)
Noise level, guaranteed (2000/14/EC)127 dB(A)
*1   Includes average mounting bracket and standard wear parts
*2   Minimum setting = actually measured operating pressure + 50 bar or 725 psi
*3   Check carrier allowed attachment weight from carrier manufacturer. Check application requirements.

Specifications are subject to change without notice (Friday, May 29, 2020)


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