Intelligence of breaking

Optimizing your operations and performance with data? This is what our new SAM platfrom is all about.

SAM is a digital assistant designed specifically for team members responsible for running daily operations. It brings together people, activities, and data in an easy-to-use seamless collaborative tool that will power tomorrow's data-driven operations.

Rammer’s remote monitoring device RD3 gathers data and SAM makes the data easily accessible - anywhere, any time.

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How to register to SAM

Existing MyFleet users:

  • Automatically copied to SAM
  • Invitation email from SAM sent to access the system
  • When the user admin first login, they will be presented with the terms and conditions for SAM

New to SAM:

  • New dealer users will be invited to SAM by Sandvik
  • Invitation email from SAM sent to access the system
  • If you are an end customer, your Rammer dealer will invite you to be a part of SAM

Your benefits

Data easily accessible

SAM will be available for iOS and Android so you can check your hammer data anywhere, anytime. Of course, you can also utilize the desktop version of SAM.

Optimized processes & maximized uptime

With SAM data you can ensure maintenance is done in time and spare parts always available. SAM will send you automatic email notifications when hammer service interval is getting closer so you can maximize uptime and productivity.

Long lasting investment

View service history records in SAM with one click and ensure secure and reliable breaking operations. Long working life for your hammer and investment that is taken care of – data and SAM are your answer.

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In today’s world, remote monitoring is more important than ever. RD3 and SAM make it easy. The RD3 remote monitoring device attaches securely to your Rammer hammer and monitors daily work hours, impact periods, service intervals, GPS location and much more. With SAM you can access your hammer’s data from anywhere, at any time.

Use RD3 and SAM to follow the performance and productivity of your whole fleet. See the status of all your hammers at one glance. With this data you’ll achieve superior fleet management compared to standard tools, make your processes more efficient and, of course, you’ll profit more.

Manage your fleet better with accurate information that is always up-to-date. Use the detailed service indicators in SAM to plan and optimize maintenance intervals and to improve your hammer availability. With location tracking, you’ll know where every hammer is and can streamline your logistics and spare part deliveries. 

Perfect fit for every hammer

Get more from your Rammer hammers. The RD3 is available factory-fitted as standard with the Excellence Line and as an option with Performance Line hammers. The RD3 can also be retrofitted to older models by your local Rammer dealer, so you can take all your trusted Rammer hammers into the digital age.

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Success stories

Complete Concrete, Houston US

Rammer’s RD3 technology saved me from a possible financial nightmare – Stolen Rammer hammer recovered

Naser Salem arrived at his job site to discover his Rammer hammer had been stolen. After reporting the theft to local authorities, Naser contacted his Rammer dealer who reminded him that his hammer was fitted with RD3 technology and could be located.

Once involved, Rammer district manager Mike Strittmatter analyzed the RD3 data from Naser’s stolen hammer and was able to locate and assist with the recovery. 2 hours later Naser’s hammer was returned.

Rental Dealer, Chicago US

RD3 technology upholds resell value for Rammer hammers

Chicago-based Rammer rental dealer uses RD3 technology to aid with used hammer sales. As hammers are rented down, they are posted online for resale.

Utilizing Rammer RD3 technology provides insight into maintenance reports and run times. Using this data in the listing has led to increased sales of used hammers.

Customers know exactly what they are buying when it comes to our used Rammer hammers, it’s like having “CarFax” data, but for a hammer.

Are you ready to start breaking with intelligence?

With SAM and RD3 you can turn hammer data into insights and optimize your processes. Make sure you’re always getting the most out of your investments and that you can maximize uptime and hammer performance.

Your dealer will be pleased to give you access to SAM and help you get your RD3 equipped hammers connected.

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