最小工作重量,法兰安装座  *14770 kg10520 lb
重量4450 kg9810 lb
颚最大开口1350 mm53.15 in
Max. cutting force5460 kN
Max. crushing force1900 kN
工作压力280 - 320 bar4060 - 4640 psi
最大工作压力320 bar4640 psi
液压回转最大压力115 bar1670 psi
油流量范围250 - 300 l/min66.0 - 79.3 gal/min
液压回转流量30 l/min7.9 gal/min
Closing time at max oil flow4.4 s
Opening time at max oil flow4.2 s
剪切刃长度300 mm11.81 in
No. of cycles per minute at max oil flow7.1
Max. diameter to be cut80 mm3.15 in
回转度数360°360 °
进油管接头(IN)SAE 6000 psi 1 1/4"
回油管接头(OUT)SAE 6000 psi 1 1/4"
接头,旋转1/2" BSP
最佳油温40 - 60 °C104 - 140 °F
允许油温范围-20 - 80 °C-4 - 176 °F
在操作温度下最佳油粘度30 - 60 cSt
允许粘度范围20 - 1000 cSt
载机重量,范围  *235 - 50 t77200 - 110200 lb
*1   包括通常的安装架和标准钎杆
*2   从载机制造商处核查载机允许的附件重量 检查应用需求。

Specifications are subject to change without notice (2018年4月26日)

News and case stories

2017年7月20日, CaseStory

In connection with the current remediation of contaminated sites south of the factory grounds of Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, the old road bridge near the junction L428/Binger Straße in Ingelheim had to be demolished. The road was closed off completely during the demolition work, and all traffic had to be diverted through the inner city.

2016年10月31日, CaseStory

On 01 October 2008 Hochwald Dairies in Thalfang (Rhineland-Westphalia) closed its factory in Gersweilerstrasse, Saarbrücken, where 70 employees produced curd cheese and products for wholesalers and industry right up to the last day. The former dairy, which had been empty for 8 years, on the city dual carriageway has been torn down and will be replaced by a furniture store. The building covers an area of 17,800 m2. When considering all of the buildings together, there was around 90,000 m3 for conversion.