Excellence Line

Stronger than time, the Excellence Line is Rammer flagship line of hydraulic hammers, which has been serving customers around the world for over four decades. The Excellence Line continues Rammer's tradition of delivering innovative hammers designed to improve your profitability, safety and performance.

All Excellence Line hammers include integrated smart RD3 remote monitoring system. With SAM portal access to data you are able to follow operating hours, GPS location and service intervals for easier fleet management and more efficient processes.

Rammer compact range is the perfect choice for those looking for a powerful, durable and versatile hammer that can tackle several different ...
Sound and vibration suppressed Rammer Small Range hammers are designed for urban applications.
Designed to get the job done! The fully enclosed housing makes no job too dirty nor no condition too tough.
Excellence Line Large Range unites all the Rammer hammers renowned key features into one large, powerful, durable and reliable package.
New Heavy Duty Small Range has been designed for harsh and specialized conditions in metallurgical or in boom applications.
Rammer's scaler range hydraulic hammers are designed to meet the application specific, demanding requirements of scaling.